Kathi Learns to Sew

My first experience with Sewing

My first introduction to sewing was a needle and thread at the age of 10. I often made clothes for my youngest sister’s doll from scraps my mother gave me. I enjoyed that because the designs were all my own and therefore one of a kind. My sister enjoyed having things made just for her. At 12 I entered Junior High School and had half a year of sewing for two years. I completed the 7th grade project (a simple blouse) and got an “A” on it. I didn’t finish the 8th grade project (a dress complete with zipper). In spite of not completing the dress, I got an “A” because, for the one and only time in my life, the zipper was sewn in perfectly! Hasn’t happened since, though my zippers look great on the finished project, they just aren’t as perfect as my very first zipper.

My first major sewing project

The next time I did any sewing, other than by hand, I was 19. My mother did not think I had taken enough home ec classes to sew well enough to use her machine. I knew I could sew well enough that she would never know I used her machine. I worked for several weeks when I knew she wasn’t going to be home for at least an hour. I made my own wedding dress. Her response to me after the wedding was, “I guess you DO know how to sew.” She never did discover that my wedding dress was sewn on her machine.


My mother-in-law gave me her sewing machine and I’ve been sewing ever since. I sew so much that I’ve worn out three machines and am on my fourth one. I average about 15-20 hours a month on sewing but that is only because I have so many other hobbies that take up my time and then there’s the apartment that often needs my attention.

I have continued to sew. I would sew gifts, clothes for myself and my son, work on clothing that needed mending or altering. I began to create soft toys such as stuffed dolls and animals, bean bags, barrette holder and many other things. 

I have augmented my income by doing custom sewing for weddings and other special events. Now, I am taking my talent with sewing to a new level. I am sharing images of things I have made and will add a shop to my website that will include items from each hobby, including sewing, that will be for sale.

Sewn by Kathi Gallery